The Pajarito Conservation Alliance is a 501(c)4 non-profit community organization focusing on information, advocacy, and volunteer work to protect the ecosystems and outdoor experience of the Pajarito Plateau. 

We take action now and
plan ahead for seven generations.

As citizens of Los Alamos County,
we reside in an extraordinary natural setting.

Within our county itself, we have 10,000-foot peaks, large and small tuff canyons, large and small basalt canyons, caves, ponderosa forests, spruce-fir forests, piñon-juniper forests, meadows, mountain and canyon streams, springs, mesas, the Rio Grande, hundreds of cultural sites, a thousand species of plants, a national monument, tremendous views, and more. Within a day’s travel, we have world-class mountains, rivers, canyon country, and more.

Is there anywhere else in the world that really has this?

Any successful community must understand its competitive advantage and invest to not only to maintain that advantage but enhance it. For Los Alamos, that’s our open space in all its forms. Our open space has huge value, and the county’s strategy and policies as well as our own sweat and tears should reflect that.