Open space protection

This theme is concerned with monitoring ecosystem status & health, threats to open space (including the impact of policy changes), and development of open space (whether official or de facto).

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Current issues

  • Long-range water supply plan. The Department of Public Utilities is working on a 40-year plan for the county’s water supply. We are working to help this be a strong plan that protects our water rights as well as our natural resources, such as the natural, cultural, and historic resources in White Rock Canyon. See all blog posts on this issue.
  • The wildfire protection plan is closely linked to open space issues.
  • Open space development. Various open space areas, such as Rendija Canyon and Walnut Canyon between the golf course and the canyon rim, periodically come up as locations for housing and other development. We are monitoring the situation.

Potential future issues

  • Walnut Canyon tree die-off. There seem to be unusual number of ponderosas dead along the wash. It would be nice to verify this and understand why.

Past issues

  • Los Alamos Comprehensive Plan 2016. In late fall of 2016, Council updated the comprehensive plan. In general, it was pretty favorable to open space, though we will need to monitor zoning changes and other policy implementation. See also the county’s plan website.