What we do

The Pajarito Conservation Alliance is a 501(c)4 non-profit working in four general themes: information gathering; information synthesis and dissemination; planning and advocacy; and getting dirty outside.

All of this is frequently done in collaboration with other local organizations. We will work with anyone in areas of agreement, even if we disagree in other areas.

1. Information gathering

There’s lots of important information relevant to open space that is hard to find, so we find it.

Much of this happens outside. For example, we:

  • wander around to see what’s up
  • gather and map data
  • take before and after photos

We do stuff inside too. For example, we:

  • talk to elected officials, government staff, other organizations, and citizens
  • attend public meetings and take notes
  • monitor government agendas, minutes, and information releases

2. Information synthesis and dissemination

Open space information in Los Alamos tends to be scattered across different agencies and over long periods of time, as well as not published in a timely and easily digestible manner. PCA takes care of these problems so it’s easy for you, the citizen, to understand what is going on.

For example, we:

  • interpret agendas and publicize clearly which meetings are important, and why
  • publish unofficial minutes so citizens can understand what happened in a timely manner
  • create and maintain maps and other GIS products, some of which we publish and others that we don’t (e.g., for sensitive ecosystems)

3. Planning and advocacy

Doing open space right requires clear, evidence-based, long-term thinking — areas where government does not excel. We plan ahead for seven generations (that’s 150–200 years) and then work with existing institutions on realistic short-term items.

For example, we:

  • propose local open space policy
  • critique policy and candidates for office, elected and appointed
  • advocate for our ideas with decision makers such as elected officials, boards, and staff
  • coordinate letter-writing campaigns
  • make our case to the public in fora such as newspaper editorials, seminars, and social media

4. Getting dirty outside

Last but not least. Open space also needs personal, hands-on, tender loving care. We do this too.

For example, we:

  • build and maintain trails
  • plant trees
  • have fun!

If you would like to help

None of this happens without you!

We are always looking for qualified, ambitious volunteers and financial support. Please e-mail info@pajarito.org if you’d like to help.